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Hole House Walkthrough / tutorial

This is the fully in depth guide for everything you need to know about the Hole House Game. It will give you tips and tricks to help you progress as well as helping you get past some of the more difficult quest's

This guide can be used while playing Hole House on either PC or Mobile 

Earning Money In Hole House To Earn Money In Hole House You Need To Have Completed The First Scene Quest. After doing this you will have access to the phone where you can see stats about youre house. Money is paid to you every day depending on things like, your Hole House stats, how many girls you have in the house, what level you are and how long your house is open. Skipping time will progress time forward by 6 hours however it will cost you 1/4 of your daily wage. This means skipping a Hole House day will cost you as much as you earned in that day. To make time progress normally you need to view one of the girl's scene. Upon leaving the scene time will progress a random amount

How To Unlock Scene's In Hole House Scenes can be unlocked in Hole House by completing certain quest's. You can find these quest's on the quest app on your phone. The scene quests are the quests in the top left upon opening the app and each quest you complete will unlock the scene that is shown. Quests can have more than one goal and these goal's for the most part should be completed in order

How To Unlock Girl's In Hole House Unlocking girl's in Hole House is very similar to how you unlock scene's. You will need to view the quest app on your phone and find the girl you would like to unlock. In Hole House there are two way's girls can be unlocked. 1. You complete their quest, this will normally involve talking to them in their location or somewhere in the house. 2. Buying them from the Loyalty / Call app on your phone You can leave the Hole House to visit girls in their location by using your phone and going to the location app

I Cant Complete One Of The Quests In Hole House If you are stuggling to complete a quest in Hole House please make sure you have read the goal very carefully and are doing exactly what it says. If you need to speak to one of the girl's make sure you have read what they ask you to do as there might be something extra they want you to do for the goal to complete If you are still having trouble you can join the Hole House discord and report a bug

Increasing Girl's Loyalty And Making Girls C*m Hole House These two things are one in the same, for most of the scene's you will see a bar on the left hand of the screen that will fill up. Filling up this bar will count as making a girl "C*m" and if the scene has squr*ting it will allow you to do that Filling up this bar will then also increase the girls loyalty by a set amount depending on the girl. On your phone in the Hole House reception or office you can check your girls loyalty, each one will have a bar and a number and when the bar fills up the number will increase. Hole House is going to have this feautre enhanced so it can be used for more thing's

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