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Hole House Troubleshooting

if you have problems opening the game or downloading it please read below 

windows - fixes

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen (Blue Window) - If you get this window show up when trying to open Hole House it is totally normal. All you need to click is more info and then Run Anyway. Once you have done that you won't need to do it again.

Failed To Load Mono - This is normally to do with the Hole House ZIP not extracting properly. Please delete the folder and re extract the ZIP file and it should open correctly.

Hole House v0.1 File Name - This is not a bug so don't worry. I just called the game Hole House v0.1 at the start and now can't change it. The actual version number will be in the Folder Name and on the Main Menu in the bottom left.

Error While Downloading - Make sure you are downloading it from HERE and if the download stops half way through try keeping the Itch page open while it downloads. If it still doesn't work please message me on the Hole House Discord

This is all the Errors i have for the Window's Versions of Hole House so far, if you find any more please let me know.

Mac - fixes

Hole House Can't Be Opened - If you get a message that says Hole House can't be opened because apple cannot check it for software, this is very normal and happens to me. You need to go to your settings > Security And Privacy > General > An option should be there to Open Anyway. If there is no option try opening the Game again while in your settings.

Application Is Damaged - If you get this error it might mean you haven't downloaded the game correctly or there has been an error while downloading. Please make sure you are downloading the game from the Hole House Itch Page and it should work just fine.

This is all the Errors i have for the Mac Versions of Hole House so far, if you find any more please let me know.

Linux - fixes

I don't have any error's for the Linux version of Hole House but if you find any let me know and i'll try and get them solved and added here.

Android / Apk - fixes

Unknown App - If you get this message shop up after clicking install there should be a drop down to show more. After clicking this you should be able to install Hole House. Once thats done it won't ask you again.

App Not Installed "Hole House" - For this error you ca watch This YouTube Video or follow these steps. Goole Play > Play Protect > Turn It Off. Next Go To Your Phone Setting's > App Management > App List > 3 Buttons In Top Right Corner > Show System (If It Says Hide System You Already Have It Selected) > Find Package Installer > Storage Usage > Clear Data


If it still doesn't work after doing this please let me know.

App Wont Download/Install - Please try Re Downloading Hole House as this will normally fix the issue, again if it doesn't let me know an i will work out another fix.

This is all the Errors i have for the Android Versions of Hole House so far, if you find any more please let me know.

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