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Hole House

Hole House - About

Hole House is a kind of Sandbox Game where you have full control over a number of characters.


Want quick access to a scene or to play though some dialogue with a certain character? In Hole House The Game you have the option to do either depending on what you're looking for.

You can choose what outfit they have on, what you do to them and a multitude of other things. It is really all up to you.

Along the way you'll also be able to upgrade your house, earn loyalty with the girls and unlock new scenes with the coins you make.

Hole House also has a unique list of features in this game that allow you to have full control over what you like to see, with new stuff always in the works.

Hole House Main Feature's

Hole House is a game that has be made to be played on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android (64Bit Or 32Bit), Chrome OS and in your browser using Newground's (Linked Below).

The main focus on the game is to run a successful night business with the main focus of having all the girl's you desire. When you first enter the game you will be greeted by a mysterious fellow who claims to be the previous owner of the house. Above the house you can see an old dilapidated sign saying Hole House, this is something you will be able to fix in time.

You will have to solve a short puzzle before you are able to get inside but once you do you'll be greeted by the next character. Gloria is the receptionist and while the Hole House is open she'll be at the front desk ready to take any order's that she might get. However once the hose is closed you'll be free to do what ever you like on her desk, just make sure she doesn't catch you.

The next main item and probably the most important thing to you will be your phone, once you get this you'll have access to upgrading the house, viewing quest's for unlocking character's and scene's and also the ability to travel to different location's which you will need for getting more character's to join the Hole House.

At the moment there are 38 character's and 20 scene's in the house but with updates twice per month this is always increasing.

Hole House gets updated twice a month normally on the 2nd and the 16th of the month. Make sure you follow the Hole House page on itch to get updates when anything happens or join the discord for notification's.

In short Hole House is scene focused game with a lot of customisation that is left up to have fun with so come join however you want.

Official Hole House Links

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