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Hole House Code's

In Hole House you have the ability to skip any quest's you would like as long as you have enough potions. Potions can be got in Hole House in many way's but the main way at the moment is by becoming a Patreon member. You can view the Hole House Patreon page HERE

After you have become a Patreon depending on your tier you will be able to get access to some of the codes which you can redeem to get the potions. Once you have found the codes you need to go back into the Hole House game and go to your phone, either in the office or in the reception. Once there you need to go to the second page and you will say an app called potions. Clicking on that will take you to a page where you can redeem your codes and the potions will be automatically added to your game. Codes can only be used once per month and once per save so you will have to wait for the next Hole House update in order to redeem the next ones.

Note: When copying the code from the patreon page make sure you are not copying an extra space at the end and it is an exact copy or the code will not work.

Hole House potions

Once you have redeem the Hole House Codes and the potions have appeared in your account you will be ready to spend them. The main thing to spend them on is the quests the help you progress through the Hole House. To skip a quest you need to bring up your phone and go to the quests app, here you will be able to select which quest you are having trouble with. Once you have clicked on a quest the goals will be displayed and next to them will be a button showing how many potions it costs to skip that goal.

For Hole House to work properly some quest might not be able to be skipped while some might require you to complete the goal before it in order to skip that particular part.

The Hole House phone also gives you the ability to convert potions into coins. This will allow you to upgrade parts of the house or if you would rather have the coins to buy certain character's you can do that. To convert your potions to coins you will need to go back to the potions app where you entered the codes. Here you will see another option to convert a certain amount of potions to coins. The more potions you convert at a single time the more coins each potion is worth

Note: Once you have converted Potions to Coins it can not be undone!

Hole House Unlock Everything Cheat

A cheat to unlock everything in Hole House has not yet been added but it is a requested feature. At the moment the best way to get everything is to use the codes to get potions which can be used to skip the quests. As Hole House evolves and gets updated i will keep adding new ways to progress and in the future plan to add a way to unlock everything so you can view all the scene's with all the character's without having to do any of the story part or complete and of the quests.

If you do want to see this and many other feature's get added to the game sooner you can support Hole House on Patreon or just by playing the latest updates on itch.

Plan For The Cheat Menu

As a plan for how the cheat menu will work. When you first download Hole House you will open the game like normal however on the menu there will be an option to enter a code which will then unlock everything for you and show a button that takes you to a selector scene. In this scene it will have all the character's names and clicking on one will take you to all the scenes they are in. I would also like to make it so while in the cheat mode you can select any of the unique outfit's from any of the character's to use in whatever character you would like.

This is could change but if you have any more ideas for what you'd like to see in Hole House please let me know on discord

Official Hole House Links

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