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Hole House Next Release Date

Current version is Hole House v0.1.68 Patreon / v0.1.60 public

Hole House Next patreon Release

Hole House v0.1.69 - Expected Release Time 16th May (2:00 AM GMT)

NY - 9:00 PM (1st)

PST - 7:00 PM (1st)

CET - 3:00 AM (1st)

Hole House Next Public / Free Release

Hole House v0.1.61 - Expected Release Time 16th May (8:00 PM GMT)

NY - 2:00 PM (2nd)

PST - 12:00 AM (2nd)

CET - 9:00 PM (2nd)

Note - These times are estimates, most months i do stick to them pretty well however if there are in delays in the game being built or if i run into some bugs near to release than i may have to push them back a bit. If you would like the most up to date info on when the next update is coming out and get a notification on your phone when it does please join the discord for all the information

Updates are released twice a month normally at the start, around the 2nd and the middle, around the 16th. I will update these times when i know the exact plan but you will be getting two updates per month. If a new update has been released and you don't have the new content, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version from either Patreon or Itch and make sure that you have installed that version. 

For more help on Updating And Installing Click Here

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